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made in the Kilsyth district, for foundry purposes. The district of Ayrshire and Lanarkshire produces 9 per cent, of all the coal raised in the Kingdom, and exports large quantities. In spite of the great decrease in the supply of native ore, the production of pig-iron has been sustained by the use of Spanish ores, but there has been little increase, the amount smelted having remained nearly constant during the last forty years, as shown in Table XXIII-I.
Scotland now makes 14 per cent, of the pig-iron and 18 per cent, of the steel made in the Kingdom. Most of the ore is imported from Spain, and the pig-iron is used to make acid open-hearth steel for shipbuilding and other purposes. Scotland makes only a small
TABLE XXIII-J. Iron and Steel Plants in Scotland (Ayrshire and Lanarkshire).
Name of Works.	Location.	Blast Furnaces.	Bessemer Converters.	Open Hearth furnaces.	
			Basic.	Acid.	Basic.
Steel Co. of Scotland,. .. , j David CoMlle & Sons (Dal-zeil)  ....................	Newton..., ) Glasgow.... f			SO 18 6 12 8 3 9 9 8 8	1
Parkhead Forge , . ...... ...					
Glasgow I ftno. B. Co .......	WlBhaw ......	4			
	Ayrshire ..... Cambuslang.	12	4-10 tons		
Bummerlee & Mossend Co,	Mossend .....	7			
Win Baird & Co ..... ....	Scattered..., Coltness ..... Scattered...	26 9 11 26			
Win Dlxon. .............					
		95	4	111	1
amount of Bessemer steel and hardly any basic open-hearth, but she makes more acid open-hearth steel than Cleveland, each of them making one-third of all that kind of metal made in Great Britain. Table XXIII-J gives a list of the principal plants in Scotland. Most of the steel plants make plates and miscellaneous structural bars. In Tables XXIII-K and L are given certain items of statistical information; the importations of ore come mostly to ports on the western shore, but a considerable quantity is brought to the Firth of Forth.